How a Freelance Web Developer can help improve websites?

Creating an effective website demands a number of key skills, which few web design agencies possess under one roof.

Many of the areas within website design, such as coding and use of HTML, tagging and structuring sites for SEO (search engine optimisation) are fast-moving, with frequent changes in the technology and rules of engagement. Search engines such as Google, for example, change their algorithms for ranking websites on a daily basis, demanding a dedicated expert who can keep up with those changes, rather than follow the crowd.

Hence the development of a number of specialist areas, where experienced freelance developers are now offering their skills to larger agencies, on an as-required basis. There are a number of points where technical expertise is required, for example when coding a website design to take it from a graphic PSD file to HTML5/CSS coding – a format in which it can be delivered and read over the web.

By using an experienced front-end developer, it is also possible to ensure that the site architecture is flexible and can accommodate change in the future. Many established companies are now finding that websites developed down to a price in the past, need completely rebuilding to meet today’s needs, as there was no flexibility built into their design.

In addition, there are times when a website may need restructuring. One example might be to take a website developed in WordPress onto another platform, for example coding it into HTML5 or XHTML, in order to create a website that looks similar, but is able to perform a wider range of actions such as e-commerce or e-learning, generating a more interactive platform for website visitors.

In today’s business environment, it makes complete sense to use an experienced freelance front-end developer to provide those vital linkages between the key stages of developing a successful client website. With the right coding behind the visually appealing front end, a site will work much more effectively and be so much easier to maintain with high visibility on the web.

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